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Scam Alert: Telephone Spoofing

Home > About Us > NGFCU News > Scam Alert: Telephone Spoofing
Home > About Us > NGFCU News > Scam Alert: Telephone Spoofing

How this happens. The scammers use IP phones that allow them to choose any caller ID phone number, and even company name, that they want displayed. They choose phone numbers that will increase the likelihood of a person answering the call. Once the call is answered, the scammers start their attempt to get personal information. For example, NGFCU recently became aware of a scammer spoofing the Credit Union’s toll free phone number and pretending to be an NGFCU employee.

What to do if this happens. If you see NGFCU's 800-633-2848 phone number and company name on your caller ID, and you answer the call, please note the following:

A final reminder. While a scammer used our toll free phone number in this instance, they could use any number that you might recognize. A simple way to avoid the hassle of these calls is to not answer the call and wait for the caller to leave a message. The scammers do occasionally leave messages, but in many cases they do not. If they do leave a message, never use the "call back" feature on your phone. Rather, look up the phone number for the company and call them back directly.

If you believe that you have been a victim of a phone scam and did provide personal information, notify NGFCU immediately so we can place appropriate security precautions on your account.

Important Numbers

Call Toll Free
800-633-2848 (available 24/7)

Credit Card Cardholder Services:
800-633-2848 (available 24/7)

Debit Card Fraud Center:
International Lost or Stolen Card: 727-227-9012

After hours Lost or Stolen Card: 800-754-4128

Members traveling or who reside outside of the US: 727-227-2447

Routing #322276088