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ATMs and Debit Card

Home > Services > ATMs and Debit Card
Home > Services > ATMs and Debit Card

Get cash and make purchases around the world

Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union offers ATM access near you – and around the world. Get cash through on-site NGFCU ATMs and at ATM network locations worldwide, including 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs in the U.S. and U.S. territories.

There’s an ATM near you

Visa Debit Card

With your NGFCU Debit Card, you can make ATM transactions and make point-of-sale transactions to your checking account—just as if you had written a check.

Use the card to get cash from your NGFCU checking and savings accounts at ATMs on the CO-OP network nearby and around the world.

With a debit card, you can make purchases wherever the VISA logo is displayed and often get cash back without writing a check to the merchant. The Visa point-of-purchase limit is $5,500 per day and you can even earn Cashback Rewards.

Your NGFCU Visa Debit Card includes these benefits:

  • Make purchases with your card anywhere on the Visa network
  • Get cash together with your PIN-secured purchase at many stores throughout the U.S.
  • Perform transactions or get cash at ATMs near you and around the world
  • Withdraw up to $1000 in cash per day at an ATM
  • Pay no fee for cash withdrawals made at ATMs that belong to Northrop Grumman FCU*
  • Use the same PIN for both debit card and ATM convenience
  • Earn Cashback Rewards on purchases made with your debit card
  • Get local currency on all seven continents when you travel
  • Receive fraud monitoring text alerts on suspect debit card transactions

*See Schedule of Fees for charges associated with using ATMs.

Choose between two Northrop Grumman Corporation-inspired debit card designs, including our special commemorative card celebrating the 30th anniversary of the B-2 Spirit Bomber's first flight.

ATM Cards


Any NGFCU member with an open checking account and an average daily balance of $250 (subject to certain restrictions related to checking account history) can get a Visa debit card. An overdraft protection source is also required. Members who don’t have a checking account may apply for an NGFCU ATM card to access cash from ATMs.

Man looking at phone

Ready to apply for your card? It’s easy.

Just call 800-633-2848.

Important Numbers

Call Toll Free
800-633-2848 (available 24/7)

Credit Card Cardholder Services:
800-633-2848 (available 24/7)

Debit Card Fraud Center:
International Lost or Stolen Card: 727-227-9012

After hours Lost or Stolen Card: 800-754-4128

Members traveling or who reside outside of the US: 727-227-2447

Routing #322276088