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Bill Pay

Terms & Conditions Applicable to Bill Pay

he following is from the disclosure agreement that is presented for online acceptance when a user signs up for the_Max! eBranch.

For entire Disclosure, see the Terms & Conditions

V. Bill Pay Service

A. Using the Service

The Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union Bill Pay Service allows you to schedule bill payments through the_Max! eBranch. You can arrange, at your option, for the payment of your current, future and recurring bills from your checking account. There is no limit to the number of payments that may be authorized. However, you are limited to a single one-time payment and a single recurring payment to be sent to each payee on the same day. You may pay any merchant approved by Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union for payment through Bill Pay. We are unable to process any payments to federal, state, or local tax agencies.

By furnishing us with the names of your designated payees/merchants, their addresses, and other necessary information, you authorize us to follow the payment instructions to these payee/merchants that you provide us via the_Max! eBranch. When we receive a payment instruction (for the current or a future date), we will remit funds to the payee on your behalf, from the funds in your checking account, on the day you have instructed them to be sent ("Payment Date"). However, we shall not be obligated to make any such payment unless your account and/or overdraft protection plan has sufficient funds or credit availability to pay the bill on the Payment Date. Funds for ALL bill payments (whether these payments are made electronically or by check) will be withdrawn from your account ON THE DAY the payment is scheduled TO BE SENT TO THE PAYEE. We reserve the right to not make any or all of the payments you have specified in the event that your account does not have funds to cover ALL the bill payments you have instructed us to make.

You have the right to stop or change any scheduled payment. You must cancel the payment by no later than 7 PM (Pacific Time), on the day prior to the Payment Date, by using the CANCEL PAYMENT function on the Schedule Payments page within the_Max! eBranch or by calling Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union Member Service at 1-800-633-2848.

NOTE: Any payments made with Bill Pay require sufficient time for your payee to credit your account properly. To avoid incurring a finance charge or other charge, you must schedule a payment sufficiently in advance of the due date of your payment to allow the payee time to receive it. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR SCHEDULING PAYMENTS ACCORDING TO THE REQUIREMENTS DEFINED FOR EACH PAYEE.

If Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union does not properly complete a bill payment on time or in the correct amount even though you scheduled the payment according to the payee’s instructions, we will pay any late fees or finance charges as long as your account was in good standing with the merchant prior to this incident. We will also be liable to you if we fail to stop a payment pursuant to your timely and properly received order to do so. Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union shall not be responsible for any charges imposed or any other action taken by a payee resulting from a payment that you have not scheduled properly, including any applicable finance charges and late fees. In addition, Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union will not be liable if any third party through whom any bill payment is made fails to properly transmit the payment to the intended payee. We will also not be liable if there are insufficient funds or credit availability in your designated payment account and/or overdraft protection plan; if a legal order directs us to prohibit withdrawals or transfers from the payment account; if the payment account is closed or frozen; or if the_Max! eBranch, or any part of the electronic fund transfer system is not working properly at its payment date. Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages arising out of the use of Bill Pay.

Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union reserves the right to terminate your use of Bill Pay or this service at any time.

If, for any reason, you should ever wish to cancel the_Max! eBranch, we strongly suggest that you cancel all future bill payments at the same time that you cancel your service, either by deleting those payments yourself using the_Max! eBranch or by calling Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union Member Service at 1-800-633-2848. This will ensure that future payments and transfers made by you will not be duplicated. We will automatically delete all outstanding payment orders (all individual payments and all recurring payments) once we have been notified that your service has been terminated. We will continue to maintain your accounts until you notify us otherwise.

B. Bill Pay Fees

There is no monthly service fee for Bill Pay.

C. Joint Membership

The terms of this Online Access Agreement extend to all signers on the account subject to access under this agreement even if they do not sign an application for the_Max! eBranch. To have a joint membership, all members must be joint signers on the checking account used for Bill Payment. Joint members share the same payee list, and are subject to the joint tenancy rules contained in the Account Disclosure Statement for that checking account. Accounts that require two or more signatures are not eligible to be used with Bill Pay.

If you are using a screen reader and need assistance using this website, please call 800-633-2848.

Important Numbers

Member Services: 800.633.2848 (available 24/7)

Credit & Debit Card Member Services: 800.633.2848 ext 4856 (available 24/7)

Credit Card Lost or Stolen: 866.839.3485
For International Calls: 727.570.4881

Debit Card Lost or Stolen: 800.754.4128
For International Calls: 727.227.9012

Credit Card Activation: 800.456.6870

Debit Card Activation: 855.485.7043

Members traveling or who reside outside of the US: 727.227.2447

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