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Home Loans

Home > Rates > Loan Rates > Home Loans
Home > Rates > Loan Rates > Home Loans

Home Loans

First Trust Deed
Effective Date: Monday, June 27th, 2022
Home purchase and refinance rates.
Conforming LoanLoan RateLoan APRExample Loan AmountMonthly Payment ExampleDiscount Points
30-yr. Fixed 5.250% 5.320% $330,000 $1,822 0.250
30-yr. Fixed 5.000% 5.147% $330,000 $1,772 1.125
30-yr. Fixed 4.750% 4.985% $330,000 $1,721 2.125
15-yr. Fixed 4.500% 4.618% $330,000 $2,524 0.250
15-yr. Fixed 4.250% 4.480% $330,000 $2,483 1.000
15-yr. Fixed 4.000% 4.361% $330,000 $2,441 1.875
3/1 ARM 4.250% 4.583% $330,000 $1,623 fixed rate period
$1,691 adjustabe rate period
5/1 ARM 4.375% 4.579% $330,000 $1,648 fixed rate period
$1,690 adjustabe rate period
7/1 ARM 4.500% 4.610% $330,000 $1,672 fixed rate period
$1,692 adjustabe rate period
Visit our Concierge Home Loan Service page for a personalized home purchase or refinance rate quote, and to apply online.

Loan rates and terms subject to credit and collateral approval. Subject to change without notice.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
HELOC Variable APR* as low as 4.00% Depending on the option chosen, each time an advance is taken the payment towards principal and interest (NGFCU does not offer an interest-only repayment option.) may be either amortized over 180 months or to the maturity of the HELOC.
HELOC Fixed APR* as low as 5.00% May elect the Fixed Rate on up to 60% of the approved HELOC limit. Minimum draw $10,000 per disbursement and up to 3 separate disbursements (no add-ons). Fixed rate cannot exceed maturity of the HELOC
*All loans subject to credit approval. Rates subject to change without notice.

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HELOC Consultation

Send the form below to receive a free, no-obligation HELOC quote. To request a home purchase or refinance consultation, please click here.

You are being asked for information relating to scheduling a consultation. Information you provide will be used for that purpose and will not be sold to other parties.

If you would prefer to speak to an NGFCU agent and receive a quote by phone, call 1.800.633.2848. Agents are available 24/7.

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Use our Loan calculator to sort through monthly payments, fees and other costs while comparing loan options.

Loan Calculator

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800-633-2848 (available 24/7)

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