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Membership in Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union means co-ownership in one of the strongest credit unions in the country.


Your MasterCard benefits include Extended Warranty, Price Protection and Identity Theft Resolution. For full terms and conditions click here. To request a printed guide-to-benefits, call 1-800 MC ASSIST.

More about the NGFCU MasterCard

The NGFCU™ MasterCard offers all the benefits of the big bank credit cards, but with the service you expect from Credit Union representatives. You have many more choices with the NGFCU™ MasterCard, from the image you would like on your card to the type of benefit you want from your credit card.

Choose one of 5 different Northrop Grumman Corporation product inspired designs:

Choose from 3 different programs, Low Rate, CURewards, and Cash Rebate, each of which offers:

  • 4.99% introductory APR on purchase transactions/first 6 months*
  • Credit lines up to $40,000
  • Online account management
  • Low monthly payment of 2.50% of your ending statement balance
  • Surcharge-free currency conversions
  • Cash advance fee - 3% of amount advanced with a $5.00 minimum and not more than $75.00
  • Low 1/2% fee ($50 maximum) for balance transfers from higher rate credit cards.

Low Rate

Manage your finances with low rates! Choose the NGFCU™ Low Rate program to save on revolving balances. Ongoing rate as low as 10.24% APR after the initial low introductory rate expires.


Earn travel and merchandise just by using your Card! Choose the NGFCU™ CURewards™ program and earn points towards great merchandise and travel rewards. Earn one point for every dollar spent and redeem for travel or merchandise. Ongoing rate as low as 12.24% APR after the initial low introductory rate expires.

Cash Rebates - 1 1/2% on purchases

Put money back into your wallet! Choose the NGFCU™ Cashback Rebate program and earn a cash rebate with everyday purchase activity. Your rebate amounts to 1.5% of every purchase transaction accumulated through the February billing cycle and transferred to your regular share account in March. Ongoing rate as low as 12.24% APR after the initial low introductory rate expires.

*The introductory rate applies for the first six statement cycles. After the sixth statement, the APR will change to the contract APR for any outstanding balances.

Click here to apply online for your NGFCU MasterCard.

What is a FICO® Score?

There's security in the way your chip card works.

Your new chip card is different from our old magnetic stripe card. It's way more secure. But you may not have known that using it is a little different. Not harder, just different. Here's what you do:

First, swipe your card.

If the terminal is not chip card enabled, the transaction will be processed the same as today's environment.

If the terminal is chip card enabled, the terminal will read the magnetic stripe and recognize it as a chip card. The message on the terminal screen will read, "Please insert the chip card into the terminal."

If prompted by the terminal, insert your card. The terminal will authenticate your chip card and keep it safely inside the terminal until you've finished your transaction.

Authenticating every user prevents someone else from using it.

Second, remember your PIN.

Terminals may use different formats to authenticate the card user. There are two methods that can be used to authenticate the cardholder. Those two methods are PIN and signature. A PIN is one method to verify the cardholder is the person doing the transaction. A signature is another method.

Third, remove your card.

After you receive your transaction receipt and before you leave, remember to remove your card. Some terminals will beep to remind you, but others won't.

Surcharge-Free Currency Conversions

Many who travel abroad will also enjoy the added benefit of surcharge-free currency conversions when they use their NGFCU MasterCard.

Click here for additional terms and conditions.

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