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Membership in Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union means co-ownership in one of the strongest credit unions in the country.

Contact Newsletters

Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union members receive the Contact, a newsletter designed to keep them in touch with featured products and new ideas for improving their financial well-being and convenience. Please use the index below to find the subject that interests you, then click on the date to get the whole story.

April 2016

  • MasterCard Fraud Alerts
  • Reimagine your Space
  • Get 1.5% Cash Back
  • Leave Your Credit/Debit Cards at Home
  • IRAs for Teens
  • Welcome Our New CEO
  • Lower Payments. Bigger Smiles.
  • Get Sustainable Savings

December 2013

  • Holiday Loan
  • Holiday Savings
  • The Best Auto Rates at the Best Time
  • The Smart Move - 30 Year Hybrid ARM
  • Check Out Our Mobile App
  • Smart Transfer MasterCard
  • The New Debit Cash Back Rewards Visa is Here
  • New Phone Scam Reported
  • Great CD rates
  • Holiday Hours

June 2013

  • Make it a Rate Summer! Auto Loan Rates as low as 1.49% APR
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans as low as 3.50% APR
  • RATE LOCK Mortgage Guarantee
  • Smart Transfer MasterCard 4.99% Balance Transfer
  • Credit Unions Unite for Good
  • Mobile Banking: Safe, Secure, and So Cool!
  • Holiday Closing: Thursday, July 4
  • Tips for Safe Mobile Banking
  • NGFCU VISA Debit Card Cash Back Rewards Coming!
  • Don't Forget: Summer Travel Plans, Yearly Account Info Checkup

February 2013

  • Smart Transfer - NGFCU MasterCard 4.99% APR Balance Transfer
  • Highway Hero Auto Loans - rates as low as 1.69% APR
  • Order Your Free Annual Credit Report
  • Strengthen Your Credit
  • Mandatory Electronic Payments for Federal Benefit Payments
  • New IRA Limits for 2013
  • Tips for Teaching Tots Financial Responsibility
  • Daylight Savings Time Reminder
  • Before the Spring & Summer Rush Get the Best Rate on Motorcycles, RVs and Boats
  • Resolve to Make the Most of Your Membership!
  • Protect Yourself from Cyber Scams

November 2012

  • Rev Up for Low Rates - NGFCU Auto Loan as low as 1.99% APR
  • Make It Simple To Save For The Holidays - Holiday Club Account
  • The 4.99% APR Debt Consolidation Credit Card - NGFCU MasterCard
  • Fall in Love with Your Home, Again and Again! - Home Equity Line of Credit
  • How to Find a CO-OP Network Surcharge-Free ATM Near You
  • Did You Know? You can use your smart phone to deposit checks.
  • Holiday Closing Schedule
  • NGFCU First Mortgage Loans

August 2012

  • Heat up the Highway with a Great Low Rate - Auto Loans as low as 1.99% APR
  • Remote Deposit - Keeping it Quick & Easy
  • Do we have your current email address?
  • Time for home fix-ups? Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Time for home fix-ups?
  • Reliable protection from accidental overdrafts - MoneyMaster Line of Credit
  • the_Max! mobile
  • Did You Know? Manage all your accounts in one place - the_Max! eBranch MoneyDesktop
  • Add a little Sweetness to your Summer - NGFCU MasterCard

May 2012

  • The Only Card You Need - 4.99% APR Balance Transfer Promotion
  • Changes to the MasterCard statements
  • We Want Your Email Address!
  • Maximize Your Time - the_Max! Mobile and RemoteDeposit
  • Time for a Spring Spruce Up? HELOC as low as 3.50% APR
  • Did You Know? CO-OP Network ATMs
  • Dragged down by an overloaded auto payment? Refinance as low as 1.99% APR

February 2012

  • the_Max! eBranch Put Mobility into your Credit Union account!
  • Save Money With A Credit Union Checking Account
  • Downshift Your Payments With An Auto Loan From NGFCU
  • Mortgage On The Mind? Come By and See Us First!
  • All Federal Benefits Will Be Paid Electronically
  • Daylight Saving Time Reminder
  • Connect To A Credit Union Credit Card
  • Introducing A Free New Online Service: MoneyDesktop
  • Up With FREE, Down With FEES!
  • Remote Check Deposit

November 2011

  • The Best Deal for your New Wheels - Low rate auto loans
  • Complete Your New Home Purchase with our New 7/1 Hybrid ARM
  • Lots of Little Reasons to Save
  • Make the Most of Your Retirement Today
  • The Gift of Membership Lasts A Lifetime
  • No Monthly Fee on our Debit Cards
  • Holiday Closing Schedule
  • Christmas Savings Made Simple
  • Stay Online with NGFCU, Stay On Track 24/7

August 2011

  • the_Max! eBranch New, Improved, Just For You!
  • the_Max!eBranch All Users Must Register!
  • NGFCU holds the Key to an Affordable Auto Loan
  • Take a Bite out of your Credit Card Balance with 5.25% APR NGFCU Balance Transfer Rate
  • Back to School with a MoneyMaster Line of Credit
  • Holiday Closings

May 2011

  • Auto Loans as low as 1.99% APR
  • Choose an NGFCU MasterCard
  • A Smart Way to Build Your Credit Rating
  • Don't Get Hooked by a Phishing Scam
  • Saving for a "Rainy" Day
  • Summer Job Ideas
  • Your Membership Lasts a Lifetime
  • Money Rocks at My Credit Union
  • Skip the Trip - Visit us Online
  • Holiday Closings

February 2011

  • MasterCard 5.25% APR on Balance Transfers
  • Increase the value of your home with our Low-Rate HELOC
  • New or Used Auto Loans as low as 2.99% APR
  • Credit Union Tools Can Help Build a Better Financial Life
  • NGFCU Online Services Pay in a Better Way
  • Get Your Tax Refund Easier & Fight Fraud
  • Dealing with Overdue Payments
  • Your Free Credit Report Should be on Your To-Do List
  • Keep Your Account Information Current
  • Daylight Savings Time - Sunday, March 13

November 2010

  • Put the Brakes on High Rate - Auto Loan rates as low as 2.99% APR
  • Master Your Dreams with an NGFCU MasterCard
  • Historically low mortgage rates are Here!
  • VISA ATM/Check Card keeps holiday shopping easy!
  • Holiday Closings

September 2010

  • New or Used Vehicle - Same Low Rate. 3.75% APR
  • New or Used: What's Right For Me?
  • Mortgage Loans
  • During Troubling Times, Credit Unions Shine!
  • Start Fresh: Give Your Finances a Credit Union Makeover!
  • Thinking about refinancing? Now may be the right time!
  • the_Max! eBranch - Avoid the Car Horns & Traffic Jams. A Click Keeps It Simple!
  • Take Your Credit Union To School!
  • A Debit Card Keeps Holiday Shopping Convenient, But Remember To Play Safe!
  • Remember to Fall Back! Daylight Savings Time Ends November 7
  • The Return of IRA Minimum Withdrawals
  • Holiday Closings

May 2010

  • Your NGFCU MasterCard is Really Cooking!
  • Take the Wheel with a New Vehicle
  • Get in on the Savings Game
  • Swing Into Spring with some new home improvements
  • Should you opt in for Courtesy Pay?
  • Turn to us when you need some financial direction or advice.
  • At Your Credit Union YOU Get the Bonus
  • Holiday Closings

February 2010

  • MasterCard - Transfer and Save Today!
  • Drive Down Your Auto Loan Payments!
  • Switch to NGFCU Checking!
  • See Us For Mortgage Now!
  • Avoid 3 Financial Mistakes
  • Feeling Stretched After The Holidays?
  • Tax Time Reminders & Tips
  • Beware of Fraudulent Online Software
  • Put A Free Credit Report On Your "To-Do" List
  • Have You Reviewed Your Account Information Lately?

November 2009

  • The Real NGFCU MasterCard. Apply for yours today!
  • Save Big with Sprint wireless! Special discount for NGFCU members.
  • Why should you switch to our checking services?
  • $250,000 share insurance extended through 2013
  • Our HELOC and Auto Loan Rates are Hard To Beat!
  • Ladder Some Certificates and Build Up Your Savings
  • #1 weapon agains identity theft - Your Intuition!
  • The Gift That Keeps Giving: NGFCU Membership
  • Take charge of your finances when it's convenient for you - At Any Time! the_Max! eBranch
  • 2009 Holiday Branch Hours
  • Our Top Priority is watching for Your Best Interests
  • Holiday Club Accounts
  • Balance Financial Fitness Program

September 2009

  • The NGFCU MasterCard is back with more choices!
  • GAP Insurance: Who Needs It And Why?
  • Auto Loans: Combine their rebate and our low rate, and Maximize your savings!
  • Buying a car for your teen?
  • Mortgage Loans: Have you considered refinancing?
  • Save Money with Online Services
  • Accounts and services for young adults
  • Credit Union service shines
  • How to keep your credit score healthy in today's shaky economy
  • IRA distributions are not required this year.

May 2009

  • U.S. Credit Unions Celebrate 100 Years!
  • Our Checking Account is as Easy as 1-2-3!
  • Dare to Compare our 5.00% APR Fixed HELOC?
  • We have more free ATMs - lots more!
  • Brian Soto - A life of service
  • Need money? We can help.
  • The Magic of Saving
  • Guiding Your Children Towards Financial Independence
  • Auto Financing Is Easy For Credit Union Members!
  • When comparing mortgages, don't forget the fees
  • A Reliable Used Car - Can you safely find one and finance it?
  • Your Family Members Are Welcome To Join!
  • ID Theft Is On The Rise

February 2009

  • Life Takes You Places, But We're Always Close-by
  • Save Money Monthly with an NGFCU Checking Account
  • Open An NGFCU Holiday Club Account
  • We Can Help You Start Saving for Retirement Today!
  • Should I Find the Car or Get the Loan? Which Should I do First?
  • Getting The Best Possible Rate Means Keeping Your Credit Score High
  • What It Takes to get a Mortgage Today
  • Home Improvements
  • Lower Your Loan Payments - Consider These Options
  • Is Your Account Information Up-To-Date?
  • Safe, Secure, Insured - Your Credit Union
  • Tax preparation made easy!

November 2008

  • NCUA Insurance Protection
  • See Us for a Motorcycle Loan
  • We a Fixed Rate HELOC That Will Work For You!
  • Your NGFCU Debit Card
  • Holiday Club Accounts Are Ready!
  • Make Your Season Bright with a Holiday Loan!
  • Text "Co-op" and Find Surcharge-Free ATMs
  • 2008 Holiday Branch Hours
  • 0% Financing Is Back But Is It Really A Great Gift...?
  • Easy Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off
  • How To Avoid Overdrafts
  • Daylight Savings Time ENDS on November 2nd

August 2008

  • Our HELOC is Perfect for Home Improvements
  • Auto Loans Made Easy!
  • Don't Worry. Your Money Is Safe & Sound.
  • Take Your Credit Union To College!
  • Smart Moves for Recent College Grads
  • Keeping Score: How Smart Moves & Simple Mistakes Can Affect Your Credit Score
  • Feeling the Squeeze? Your Credit Union Can Help!
  • Stamps Are Up Again...But with Online Bill Pay, You Don't Need Any!
  • Are You On Track For Retirement?
  • Why Are Our Loan Rates So Low?

May 2008

  • Online Bill Pay: It's So Easy!
  • Do You Have A Credit Union Checking Account? If Not, Why Not?
  • CO-OP And Costco: Now You Have Even More ATMs To Choose From!
  • Is Your Car Payment Too High? We Can Help.
  • Plan For Success: One Step To Take In Your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s
  • New Or Used, Our Rates Are Hard To Beat
  • It's The Perfect Time For A Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Invite Your Family To Join!
  • Buying A Home? Do This First
  • Keep Your Debt Under Control
  • Watch Out For The Latest Scams

February 2008

  • What's new In IRAs?
  • Our Fixed-Rate HELOC
  • Update Your Beneficiaries
  • Long-Term Savings Strategies
  • Need A Tax Loan?
  • Buy, Don't Lease - You Will come Out Ahead
  • Tax Tips
  • We Always Have Great Rates!
  • Q&A: Home Equity Loans
  • How We Can Protect You From The Mortgage Mess
  • Smart Ideas For Your Tax Refund
  • It's Easy To Avoid ATM Fees
  • Services That Can Save You Lots Of Time

November 2007

  • Our Term Share Accounts
  • Fixed Rate HELOC
  • Make A Holiday Budget
  • Southern California Disaster Recovery Loan
  • Holiday Club Accounts
  • Time For A Loan? Think Of Us First
  • "Click" Your Way To Convenience
  • Holiday Hours

August 2007

  • Auto Loans - The Credit Union Advantage
  • We've Souped Up Our Term Accounts
  • How To Keep Your Car Payments Down
  • Help Your IRA Catch Up
  • Protect Yourself From Scams - Red Flags To Watch For...
  • Your Family Can Join Us With Just A "Click"!
  • Our Fixed Rate HELOC Is One Of A Kind

May 2007

  • Our New Low Fixed Rate HELOC!
  • We've Souped-Up Our Term Accounts
  • Balance Financial Fitness Program
  • Advanced Authentication: A Stronger Home Banking System
  • Buying A Car? Do This First
  • NGFCU Education Resource Center
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Services For Students

February 2007

  • Home Remodeling Projects That Really Pay Off
  • Selling A Home In A Buyer's Market
  • Auto Loan: 0% Financing: You Have A Better Choice
  • Plan For The Future With An IRA
  • 2007 California Family Sports Events
  • What Does It Mean To Be A 'Member Owner'?
  • Online Banking: Easy. Convenient. Safe.
  • Expecting A Tax Refund? 5 Smart Ways To Use It
  • Important Telephone Numbers
  • "Take Ownership" Join Online

November 2006

  • Make the Season Easy with a Holiday Loan
  • Christmas Club Payoff - Put Your Holiday Plans in Motion
  • eStatements Available on the_Max! eBranch
  • Holiday Branch Hours
  • First Financial Credit Union Closing Its CU Service Center Locations
  • A Unique Gift Idea - Open a Savings Account for a Loved One
  • There Are No Do-Overs at Retirement
  • Thank You for your Survey Responses

August 2006

  • the_Max! eBranch More Powerful Than Ever
  • Cool Cash for Your Next Set of Wheels
  • Be A Winner In The Savings Game
  • Convenient Services Makes Summer a Breeze!
  • Increased Share Insurance for Retirement Accounts
  • American Express Traveler's Cheques - Did You Know...
  • It's Our 60th Anniversary
  • Caller ID Scam Alert

May 2006

  • Accelerate Your Savings (Auto Loan)
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Car Shopping Made Easy (CarsForMembers)
  • Holiday Closings
  • Financing for Your Biggest Dreams (Home Loans)
  • May Is Direct Deposit Month
  • Increased Share Insurance for Retirement Accounts
  • Need A Surcharge-Free ATM? (Co-op Network)
  • Be Careful When Co-Signing a Loan
  • FBI Fraud Alert

February 2006

  • Save Today for a Bright Tomorrow
  • Drive Now Pay Later!
  • Get Ready to Rumble! Avengers tickets
  • Batter Up Padres tickets
  • Surcharge-Free ATMs in 7-Eleven Stores
  • Automated Services
  • It's Our 60th Anniversary
  • Don't Hesitate. Consolidate.

November 2005

  • Jumbo Real Estate Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Holiday Club Accounts
  • Holiday Hours
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Holiday Help

August 2005

  • Auto Loans MADE EASY!
  • Holiday Closings
  • Getting Your College-Bound Student on the Right Track
  • It's Home Improvement Time!
  • Visit Us Online!
  • Balance - Valuable Financial Services
  • Live "The Simple Life" This Summer
  • Get a Grip on Back Taxes
  • See America Your Way (RV 5/1 Hybrid Loan)
  • Pharming: A New Online Danger

May 2005

  • The Housing Market Is Still Sizzling!
  • Holiday Closings
  • You Can Never Have Too Many Toys - RVs & Boats
  • Have You Seen Our Website Lately?
  • Easy Does It - Time saving services
  • Common Sense Tips To Prevent Identity Theft
  • Certificates - A Smart Investment Choice
  • Find The Auto Loan That's Right For You - Right Here
  • CarsForMembers

February 2005

  • Home Improvement Loan
  • Holiday Club Account
  • Still Time for 2004 IRA Contribution
  • 3.9%/4.9% APR Auto Loans
  • Identity Theft: Avoid Becoming a Statistic
  • Winter RV Loans
  • Stay Connected Services
  • Direct Deposit Your Tax Refund

November 2004

  • Skip-A-Payment program
  • 3.9/4.9 APR Auto Loans
  • Check 21 - What You Need To Know
  • Vacations Equal Donations - Children's Miracle Network
  • Special Holiday Loan
  • New Law Provides Free Credit Reports
  • Branch Hours for the Year-End Holidays

July 2004

  • Who is Getting Your Money? - Update your Beneficiaries Today
  • 3/1 or 5/1 ARM - Get More Home
  • The Loan That Covers Everything - Umbrella HELOC
  • Vacation Loan
  • Regulatory Limits on Overdraft Transfers
  • Check Hold Guidelines
  • Keep In Touch...With Your Account - Account Access Options
  • Who's Going First? You or Your Money - Free Consultation for Retirement Investments
  • 3.9/4.9 APR Auto Loans

April 2004

  • Higher Rates for IRAs
  • Mortgage Online - The Easy Way to a Home Loan
  • Tax Refund - Use Your MoneyMaster Line of Credit
  • Rebate or Low Rate on your new vehicle
  • Email Fraud - Beware The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
  • Attention Northrop Grumman Retirees

December 2003

  • The Best Auto Financing Is Right Here!
  • Our Special Holiday Loan
  • Open a Holiday Club Account
  • Skip a Payment
  • Hunt Valley Branch Office Closed
  • There is More to a HELOC Than Simply Home Improvements
  • Holiday Hours

January/February 2003

  • Time for IRA Tax Advantages
  • Closed for Presidents' Day
  • Tale of the Impulse Auto Finance Pit
  • Liberty in Shopping for Vehicle with Pre-Approved Loan
  • Where on Earth for Low-Cost Funds - Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Flight Plan Financial Services Overview
  • Earn Money with Overdraft Protection

November/December 2002

  • Ease of Shopping With ATM/Check Card
  • Holiday Club
  • Free Checking and Cost of Check Printing
  • Free Checks for Retirees
  • Auto, Home and Renters Insurance
  • Investing Advice from Gensler Group
  • Holiday Office Schedule

August/September 2002

  • Home Loans
  • Vacation Loan
  • Back to School Cash When You Need It
  • Spanish Lottery Swindle Warning
  • IRA Rates Higher
  • Auto Loan Pre-Approval

May/June 2002

  • Free Checking 
  • Are You Saving Enough?
  • Section 529 Plans for College Savings - Flight Plan Financial Svc
  • Long Term Care Insurance - Flight Plan Financial Svc.
  • Tax-Free Savings With Roth
  • Auto Loan Pre-Approval

February/March 2002

  • IRAs Save on Taxes
  • Credit Union Car Loan Plus Rebate from Dealer
  • MoneyMaster Line of Credit Ready When You Need It
  • 80-10-10 Home Loans for First Homes
  • Security Scam on ATM/Check Cards
  • Tax Time Discount from Selected Preparer
  • Flight Plan Financial Services Overview
  • Northrop Grumman Retirement Clubs
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account and Tax Savings

November/December 2001

  • Discount on Fixed Rate Home Loans
  • Auto Loan Rates Keep Dropping
  • Credit Union business on the_Max!
  • Skip a Payment
  • Winners in Millionaire for a Day Drawing
  • Computer Loan
  • Visa ATM/Check Card Security
  • Holiday Club 
  • Changes in IRA Rules for 2002M
  • Flight Plan Financial Services Outsources Investment Service

August/September 2001

  • 55th Anniversary review of NGFCU products
  • 5.5% auto loan to celebrate 55th Anniversary
  • Credit Union business on the_Max!
  • Home Equity Line of Credit source of quick draw cash
  • Credit Union closed Oct. 8
  • NCUA auditors find superb health at NGFCU
  • Sources of funds for education expenses

May/June 2001

  • Members get more, pay less for home loans
  • NGFCU night at Dodger Stadium – Kent Kresa throws ceremonial first pitch
  • Group auto and property insurance available in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.
  • Protecting yourself from credit fraud, identity theft
  • Introducing the_Max! to general availability
  • Western Museum of Flight in Hawthorne Calif. welcomes Sierra Sue
  • Privacy notice
  • Discounts on auto loans

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